Money Bag Tote Bag

Here they are, the magical moneybags! These totes are crafted from an actual, authentic, vintage money bag from the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg. i wash them,¬†patch any holes, sew a small pocket on the inside, add a closure (either a magnet or a plain snap) then add some sweeeet ¬†leather straps so you can hang on to it. They are all about the same size, 13″ x 17″ (34cm x 43 cm) with reinforced bottom corners.

Only THREE available in this style:

Penny bag Totes2

Penny bag Tote interior Penny bag Totes5




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Bicycle Party Snap On Beverage Holster!

HI team! ok, here goes. i’ve tried so many things, plugins and paid services and miracle cures,

i think sometimes the simplest route is best, don’t you?

So, first up is the Bicycle Party Snap On Drink Holster: you can put it on your bike, on your belt, take it with you where you want to go! Fits most to-go coffee cups, cans and bottles.

Bicycle Party Black

Each one is made from Horween Chrome Excel offcuts from our local boot manufacturer; punched, cut, sewn and assembled by me in the studio, featuring nickel plated snaps with two setting options. Branded with the Radjuli logo on the back.

$49 CAD + taxFree Shipping!!