Holiday Melee Pop Up Shop!

Hi Team! just wanted to let you know where you can find me for the holiday season,

i have joined forces with Bonspiel Creations, Jola V. Designs, and Batfish Studios to create a fabulous eco friendly shopping experience in beautiful downtown Victoria!

609 Johnson st

609 Johnson st

A new pop up shop “Holiday Melee” provides vision as an one stop destination for unique gifts for the holiday season.

Located at 609 Johnson St,  between Government & Broad.

Open Nov 7- Dec 30th, 2015      Shopping Hours: 11-6 daily, open til 7 fridays                                                                                           closed at 5 on sundays


Holiday Melee offers a green shopping experience, for local, handcrafted, eco-conscious wares made with love, providing gifts for both men & women this is the place to shop….until Dec 30 2015  Prices range for all budgets, support local artisans!


Radjuli designs and produces her fine leather accessories in beautiful Victoria, BC. Off-cut leather and fabric scraps become unique cuffs; cast-off upholstery leather and exotic hides become luxurious, functional custom bags, or obi-style and hipster belts. The items produced by Radjuli are designed for conservation of materials: she aims to use as close to the entirety of a single hide as possible. Another aspect of conservation is the use of recycled hides. Radjuli prides herself on turning the “flaws” of leather into features, and rescue what would otherwise be cast off as “unusable” leather. This means that every hide used is completely unique, and as such, her designs are often dictated by the details — no two of them are ever exactly the same.

Bonspiel Creation

Ellen Box is kind of the mother of up-cycled screen printed leather goods in Victoria and beyond. She cut her teeth in the studio of Smoking Lily a long long time ago and broke away to create her own brand, Bonspiel, in 2007.Finely crafted, whimsical carry-bags, pouches and cases, built from mostly re-claimed leather and styled with recognizable screened imagery of bicycles, birds, flowers, acorns and other West coast life depictions, etc, which are signature trait of Bonspiel. Small, cast-off pieces of leather get re-purposed into unique pouches, decorated with even more formerly cast-off leather pieces, this time with an image of trees, seen outside the artist’s childhood home window; or spun into OOAK wallets, which will not only do the work, but will also generate questions, like, where did you get this cool wallet?

Each Bonspiel piece tells a story of its own. Practical, unique, fun, green and loved by men AND women, Bonspiel makes gift-giving easy. Over time Bonspiel has grown to be one of the most loved accessories labels on the Island and beyond.

Jola V. Designs

Jola V. Designs is a niche accessories house based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada, Since launching in 2009, Jola V. Designs (pronounced like “yo-lah”) has been committed to the slow fashion movement. The handbags are subtle in their appearance, with the focus being on the quality of construction, stitches,  materials used and the design. They look like low-key pieces that go with any outfit but many customers say, they are some of the most comfortable bags they have ever tried on. Jolanta Va – brings to her line a passion for balancing aesthetics with practicality, trend with sustainability. Born in Europe, she finds inspiration in her North European heritage, designing and handcrafting each piece herself using leathers and other materials sourced from local suppliers, overstock, remnant hides or repurposed items.

Bat-Fish Studio: Tracy Yerrell

An innovator of eclectic ingenuity, forging new concepts in the world of up-cycling.

It has two areas of focus: The Fused Line” working with up-cycled & re-purposed materials finishing with pieces that are polished, unique & creatively stunning, becoming one of kind wearable art. The League of Extraordinary Designers, working with other designers & artisans that focuses on using up-cycled & re-purposed materials as a starting point in the creative process.

As a designer I feel a responsibility to come up with innovative solutions for the on-going problem of post consumer waste. Embracing the principle “waste as a resource”, I transform and provide solutions for materials other wise destined for the landfill. Creating a line of “green” clothing & accessories just made sense. With up-cycling, an item is no longer being used for its intended purpose, but is re-purposed – given a new purpose – and along with this new purpose, it is also given an increase in value, both aesthetically and monetarily.”

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Money Bag Tote Bag

Here they are, the magical moneybags! These totes are crafted from an actual, authentic, vintage money bag from the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg. i wash them, patch any holes, sew a small pocket on the inside, add a closure (either a magnet or a plain snap) then add some sweeeet  leather straps so you can hang on to it. They are all about the same size, 13″ x 17″ (34cm x 43 cm) with reinforced bottom corners.

Only THREE available in this style:

Penny bag Totes2

Penny bag Tote interior Penny bag Totes5




Freeeeee shipping!


Bicycle Party Snap On Beverage Holster!

HI team! ok, here goes. i’ve tried so many things, plugins and paid services and miracle cures,

i think sometimes the simplest route is best, don’t you?

So, first up is the Bicycle Party Snap On Drink Holster: you can put it on your bike, on your belt, take it with you where you want to go! Fits most to-go coffee cups, cans and bottles.

Bicycle Party Black

Each one is made from Horween Chrome Excel offcuts from our local boot manufacturer; punched, cut, sewn and assembled by me in the studio, featuring nickel plated snaps with two setting options. Branded with the Radjuli logo on the back.

$49 CAD + taxFree Shipping!!